Merriwether Elementary School hosted Grandparents Day on Friday, September 6, 2018. Having over 600 grandparents visit the school showed how important MES is to our community. Grandparents were welcomed by a committee of students who escorted them to their respective classes. Grandparents were able to get a glimpse of their grandchild’s day and participate in various activities. Grandparents were interviewed, listened to poetry, participated in learning stations, helped with STEM activities, and much more. Grandparent, Bridget Clark, exclaimed her excitement from the day, “I loved Grandparents Day at Merriwether. My favorite parts were seeing the excitement on my granddaughter’s face, doing her classroom activities, and listening to her sweet answers.” Having grandparents in our school allows students to gain a global perspective. At MES, it is just one part of helping create world-class citizens that are relational and personal.

Pictured above from left to right, top to bottom, are students with their grandparents: Jameson Hiott, Caitlin Jernigan, Ansley Ball, and Meredith Lowe.