The students at Merriwether Elementary celebrated their grandparents this week! Over 450 grandparents dropped in to spend some time in their grandchildren’s classroom. The students and teachers loved hearing stories about what school was like for all of the grandparents. Grandparents were able to participate in reading groups and other fun activities with their grandchildren. Several fifth grade students served as hall escorts to make sure our grandparents found the right classroom. After visiting in the rooms, grandparents were invited to a breakfast hosted by the school’s Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO). “This was a great day,” smiled Nicole Goforth, second grade teacher. “We loved hearing the stories from our grandparents. What a fun morning we had,” Goforth continued. The faculty and staff of MES appreciate all of the support given to our students by such special grandparents.

Pictured top: Christian Cato with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Byrd.

Pictured bottom: Carrie Ann Bartley with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Hyte Bartley.