Merriwether Elementary School recently did a book study using the book, The Wild Card. Written by Hope and Wade King, teachers at the Ron Clark Academy, it is filled with concepts and techniques for teachers to teach outside of the box. They not only stress learning that is personalized and rigorous, but also, fun. Since reading the book, teachers in every grade level have been implementing these tips and tricks. “We have always had great teachers at MES,” states Mr. Lee, principal, “but since reading this book, it is like our staff is set on fire to set the stage for engagement.” Teachers have been doing room transformations, where they turn their classrooms in to a new environment to enhance a topic they are teaching. There have been dinosaurs, rainforests, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, swamp lands, the tundra, a zombie room, colonial days, and more! Students are so excited about all the engaging activities that they do not want to miss school. Teachers are using new approaches to morning work, music to engage students, and new technology tools they have learned as well. Having teachers that are prepared and excited about teaching helps fulfill Merriwether’s mission of engaging, empowering, and enriching students to create leaders for tomorrow.

Pictured are Talia Mindingall, Blakely Kelly, and Laken Vomund; Abigail Miller and Megan Wetzel; Tavanna Mindingall, Mason Walker, Kam Hawk, and Christian Cato; Connor Jones and Michael Hunsberger