Merriwether Elementary School recently had visitors from Palmetto Pride along with The Columbia Marionette Theatre. The mission of the team is to entertain and educate children and adults through the long-standing tradition and artistry of puppetry. The team performed the Litter Trashes Everyone Show. The show is a twenty-minute educational performance featuring marionettes and hand puppets that conveys the message that every citizen has a responsibility to help keep South Carolina beautiful and clean. Second grade teacher, Mrs. Jodie Swanson shared, “The show is a fun way for students to learn the importance of going green. If we sew these ideas into our students at an early age, we have a greater chance for them to carry it out throughout their lives.” MES prides itself on creating world-class citizens. This show allowed students to see the significance of having a global perspective and helps create life and career characteristics that will follow them as they grow.

Pictured above are students from kindergarten through second grade attending the show.