Fourth grade students at Merriwether Elementary had history come alive as they participated in Colonial Day. Teachers dressed the part and students were encouraged to as well. Teachers also transformed classrooms into five different colonial areas: New France, New Spain, and the southern, middle, and northern New England colonies. In each classroom, teachers planned activities that would immerse students in historical content. The students rotated through classrooms to explore what it was like to live during this time in America. This introduction to the New World settlements allowed students to experience life without items that one would take for granted today. Kristen Wells, fourth grade teacher, explained, “It was a great way to build excitement and curiosity as we dove into the upcoming social studies lessons.” By gaining new information from multiple sources through collaboration and literacy, fourth grade teachers at MES are using Edgefield County School District’s transfer goals. These goals are assisting in “Creating World Class Citizens who are developing the thinking, personal, and relational skills needed for continued success in a changing society.”

Pictured above Parker McCay, Jason Balderas Gomez, Xavier McAdoo; Below: Mrs. Hope Cooper, Mrs. Kristen Wells, Ms. Davina Johnson; Alan Longshore, Travis Abney