Merriwether Elementary School is hosting two foreign language clubs after school this year. Spanish Club was started in March 2017 by our Media Specialist, Emily Hopkins, for second and third graders to learn Spanish. “I make sure that these clubs are fun and engaging for students. I use games, music, and interaction to blend learning with play,” noted Ms. Hopkins. MES has reached a total number of 151 students who have joined Spanish Club over the past two years. This year, MES adds another foreign language to the scene. Daniela Winkler, a fifth grade teacher who is fluent in German, is excited to help Ms. Hopkins host German Club. German Club is offered to students in grades 2-5. Like Spanish Club, German Club teaches students conversational skills they can use in real-world situations. Some students are dual enrolled and are working to be multilingual! Parent and teacher at MES, Rhonda Howell, stated her excitement for her daughter to participate in these clubs. “Riley’s grandmother is German and Riley is ecstatic to be able to talk with her grandmother in her native language.” These clubs are helping students to experience real-world connections. They also go hand in hand with Edgefield County’s community and district vision of creating world-class citizens. Students are being exposed to multiple languages, which enhance listening and verbal communication skills.

Pictured above from left to right, top to bottom, are students participating in Spanish and German Club at MES. From the left: Tandra Jones, Skylar Hofstra, and Emily Hopkins; Chloe Williams and Ashlynn Lewis; Heath McGee and Andy Rodas Espinoza; Benaiah Wixson and Clifford Williams.