Merriwether Elementary School welcomes 11 new hires for the 2018-2019 school year. While Merriwether lost many wonderful employees to retirement last year, Principal at MES, Bruce Lee, said, “We are sad to see those former employees go; however, we are truly enthusiastic for new faces and fresh starts.” While the atmosphere at MES is warm and inviting from the minute you enter the building, teachers there focus on rigor and content. Merriwether strives to create world-class citizens who are developing the thinking, personal, and relational skills needed for continued success in a changing society. Mandy Lowe, assistant principal at MES, expressed that she was confident that these new employees will also help students at Merriwether by engaging, empowering, and enriching every student they will teach.

The new employees are pictured from left to right: Kristin Boney, second grade teacher; Amanda Pinner, first grade teacher; Daniela Winkler, fifth grade teacher; Michael Keltz, Art teacher; Ethan Taylor, P.E. teacher; Melissa Gojda, third grade teacher; Jamie Weeks, Library assistant; Kandace Tate, bookkeeper; Suzanne Barden, kindergarten aid; Benay Byers, CDC aid; and Samantha Buyle, fourth grade teacher.