Merriwether Elementary School has started a new exciting program, Real Men Read. It is a sensational opportunity for students to see men reading in their classrooms. The program was started by Sarah Kirkendohl, kindergarten teacher at MES. The program welcomes dads, grandpas, community leaders, uncles, etc. into the classroom to read to students on a daily basis. Mrs. Kirkendohl states, “The value of this program comes in these influential men that are showing our students that reading is meaningful, curious, and fun.” MES currently has thirteen readers reading from kindergarten to fifth grade classes. They dedicate 20 minutes of each week to come in and read a favorite book or one chosen by the teacher. One of the participants, Art Moseley shared, “You can go anywhere in a book and while you are going, you gain knowledge. I love to share this with the kids.” This program parallels the Edgefield County School District’s plan for creating a world-class citizen through literacy skills and community collaboration. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sarah Kirkendohl at or call the school office at 803-279-9993.

Pictured are Art Moseley in Mrs. Kirkendohl’s Kindergarten Class (top) and Jim Reece in Mrs. Geddes’ Fourth Grade Class (bottom)