Students and teachers participated in Red Ribbon Week at Merriwether Elementary School. The Red Ribbon campaign started in the 1980’s to speak out on behalf of drug awareness and honor the memory of DEA agent Kiki Camarena. Since then, schools across the country have participated in Red Ribbon week. Red Ribbon week is an ideal way to raise awareness for students and for them to make a commitment to live drug free. This year, MES celebrated Red Ribbon Week with different theme days. Students dressed in hats, neon colors, Halloween attire, different decades, and had crazy hair and socks. Each theme went with a slogan that promoted a drug free lifestyle. Fifth grade student, Emma Goforth stated, “I like this week because it has fun themes that we can dress up with. It also helps educate us and remind us not to do drugs.” At MES, Red Ribbon week is sponsored by Meagan Manness, guidance counselor. She exclaimed, “It is so important that we teach our students to be drug free. I love giving our students a fun way to show they are choosing to lead a healthy and drug-free life.” Teaching students about living drug free hits many transfer goals for Edgefield County School District. By instructing students how to have integrity, make responsible decisions, and be an accountable adult, MES is helping to grow world class citizens for the future.

Pictured above top row: Jameson Hiott and Emma Claire Sutton; Colbie Harville, Addison DeMine, Isabella Williams, Corion Daniels, Carter Futrell, Noah Korte, Ella Rose Hamilton, Isabella Duarte, Safeerah Rahman, Blake Crawford, Addyson Shirey, and Alex Sheridan. Middle row: Jamsie Anderson, Kayl McKie, Emma Goforth, Olivia Martin, and Julianne Harper; Sarah Smothers, Mrs. Stacey Smothers, and Emily Smothers. Bottom Row: Maxine Hyer and Marcie Hyer; Ms. Taylor Corely, Mrs. Sarah Kirkendohl, Ms. Brittany Hurt, Mrs. Chris McManus, Ms. Teresa Gillespie, Mrs. Brandie Rodgers, Mrs. Nicole Goforth, Mrs. Suzanne Barden, Mrs. Jill Paul, and Mrs. Stacey Smothers